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Atlas Resources, Ltd provides contract services for source inspection and vender surveillance for shop fabrication and field installation of large diameter water pipelines, petrochemical pipelines, pump and generator skids, and process and control systems for worldwide installation.

Liner collapse - San Diego County Water Authority



Shop fabrication of a 108" wye                                                                            California Dept. of Water Resources

                                                                                                                                                   54" pipeline installation - Yucaipa, CA 

Key Benefits

bulletDaily reporting functions which include verification of material, processes, and progress.
bulletTrained and knowledgeable independent third-party inspection personnel.
bulletLocal inspection and expediting capabilities with 48 hr. notice worldwide availability.


Atlas Resources has been providing quality assurance functions since 1984.  Our experience has primarily involved petrochemical processes, pipeline fabrication and installations, and control facilities.  We also perform source inspection and expediting functions for pumps, valves, and control skids as well as pipe and coating mill surveillance.

        Vendor Surveillance

Source inspection services for shop fabrication and field installation providing quality assurance functions to American Water Works Association, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Pipe Institute, and American Welding Society codes and specifications. 

        Engineering Liaison
Providing project feed back resolution of manufacturing and installation discrepancies.
        Expediting Services
Capabilities for monitoring manufacturing schedules, task performance and reporting functions which will coordinate and enhance critical timeline projects.


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